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Gina -Sideshow

Jihaa! Uusi biisi nyt linjoilla 🙂 Käykeehän kuuntelemassa, jakakaa, tykätkää, vihatkaa, kommentoikaa, ihan mitä vaan 😉
Tämä biisi osallistui myös UMK 2015 kilpailuun. Zero points?

Ginalaiset keskittyvät nyt muihin projekteihinsa, joten Gina heittäytyy sapattivapaalle. Mutta olkeehan kuulolla… We’ll Be Back!

Osta ja kuuntele


Run down wagons traveling through the snow, to the world of magic yet unknown
Young girl full of big dreams is on board

Will they see me?

Itchy feet, itchy feet, quicly get me off this seat
Let me show them who I am, let me show this face of mine
Face behind the mask, does it laugh or cry

Will they see me? Do you see me?

She wanted to remain unknown but she was the one who stole the show
Cause no one remembers who the stars were

She was The Sideshow

Switch on your smile and forget your sadness
We welcome you all to our great madness
A girl with a dream is gone to a sad place

It’s The Sideshow, it’s The Sideshow

Face behind the mask, does it laugh or cry

Will it make you sad if you’ll see my true face now?

Sad if you’ll see my true face now?

The Sideshow

San. Regina Chevakova
Säv. Omppu Oinonen
Sov. Gina

Äänitys & miksaus: East Sound Studios, Sammy Aaltonen

Kansitaide: Maria Kozulya

Laulu: Regina Chevakova
Kitarat & koskettimet: Omppu Oinonen
Basso: Risto Lindeman
Rummut: Joonas Pyhtilä
Taustalaulu: Ella Jäppinen

Back into the studio..

It’s time to go to the studio..
..we’re going to be even more crazier, more hungrier and even more creative than ever before!!!
So, let’s see what happens?;)

Full-length album coming up…

Thumbs up:)